Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving On

Well I'm not keeping up with this like I thought I would. But things have been pretty crazy around here. Not only do I have a very busy six month old to chase, but we are in the process of moving again.

The last time we moved, it was from McMinnville, Oregon to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. We drove our truck with a small U-haul trailer, loaded with the few items we had, and our horse of a dog in the back seat. It was three days of almost constant driving, only stopping for gas and a few hours of sleep in walmart parking lots along the way. No hotel rooms, no showers (I washed my hair in a truck stop sink), no beds, no real food. We arrived and were able to get a house in a matter of hours. We had no bed, no chairs, no table, no couch, no washer or dryer. Just an air mattress, dishes, and a 12 inch TV.

Since then we have gained a lot of 'things'. More furniture, another horse of a dog, a new car, and a new family member. So moving this time will be very different. We have movers coming to take most of our things for us Monday the 3rd. Then we'll load the last of what we have in our car and truck, and clean the house. Final inspection is Wednesday the 5th, Nick signs out at midnight, and we'll probably leave not too long after that. Then from what we understand we will drive most of the day and stay with friends in New Mexico. Nick will be driving the truck with the dogs and some of our things in the back. I will be driving the Buick with Holden and some more of our things. After that we will drive the rest to the way to Fort Bliss and check into our temporary lodging August 9th. The house hunting will start right away. Nick has to check into his new unit on the 10th. Unfortunately we've been informed that there really isn't any on post housing available for us, so we'll have to find our own place off post. Fun part is we only have lodging for 10 days.

Well I guess we'll see what really happens. Till then this is what we expect and will try to make the best of. We will be canceling our Internet soon so this will be it till we get settled in Texas. See you then.

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