Friday, July 3, 2009

The Beginning

Well I'm new to the blog world. I decided that with living so far away from everyone, it would be a nice way to keep everyone up to date on whats going on with our lives.

Lets start at the beginning. Nick and I got married July 21st, 2007. Not a month later and he was off to basic at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Nicks mom, grandma and myself flew to be with him for his graduation November 1st. Three days later he flew to Aberdin Proving Grounds in Maryland, and we went back to Oregon. Nick was given leave for Christmas, and finally graduated from AIT in February. Less than two weeks later we packed up our pink truck and the smallest rental trailer ever, and drove 2000 miles, in three days, to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Finally to Nicks duty station, we were given a small three bedroom house. The same day Nick went to check in with his unit. He came back and told me they basically said, " Welcome to Fort Leonard Wood. Your going to Iraq." So April 25th, 2008 Nick left for Iraq. Luckily for us he was part of a rear detachment and wouldn't have to be gone for a full deployment.

My 20th birthday came and instead of having to spend it alone, like I thought I'd have to, my wonderful big sister, Lindsay, came and surprised me. Well there was another big suprise in store. After going to the museum and spending the day driving around post, I felt the strange urge to take a little test. So the next day when Nick called from Iraq I gave him the news, we were going to have a baby. My first mothers day I was three weeks along.

I spent the next eight months alone in Missouri with my two doggies, except for two weeks I spent in Oregon. Finally the day came, December 14th. I loaded my huge belly up in the truck and drove to pick up my hubby. This link has a video clip of the ceremony. There is a quick shot of us walking behind someone, and then us hugging. ( ) In case you cant tell, I'm the one in the purple with the massive belly. We got to spend the next month together, just the two of us and the baby belly.


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  1. This is such a wonderful story Brittany and you are a great writer! I have heard a little from your mom, but its amazing to hear it first hand!